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TBT: Ellen & Bey at the Grammys: JUSTIN TIMBERLAKEEEEE!!!

Ellen: {To Justin} I got to, with Beyonce introduce you [at the grammys] [Beyonce] was like "can we rehearse this" so I start messing with her backstage.. I said you go JUS-TIN [high pitched voice] and I’ll go JUS-TIN [low pitched voice] and you go TIM-BER [high pitched voice] and I go TIM-BER-LAKE [low pitched voice] so that’s why she looked at me, she thought I was serious and she goes “JUS-TIN TIM-BER-LAKE” so she was tryna’ do it. That’s why she did it because I told her we were gonna do a harmony. Then I didn’t do it. [x]

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Jhené Aiko for GQ Magazine